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EYFS New Starter Information

The first year at school is arguably the most important and it is vital that the transition to school life is a
positive one.

We offer home visits where we visit the children and their parents.
These are currently scheduled to be take place on Thursday 29th August, Friday 30th August, Monday
2nd September, Tuesday 3rd September and Wednesday 4th September. This is an opportunity to spend
some time with you all, answer any questions that you may have and ensure that we can start building
the home school partnership in a familiar environment.

Children will officially start school on Thursday 5th September and come to us initially for mornings
from 8.45-12 through to Wednesday 11th September. On Thursday 12th September and Friday 13th
September, children will stay for lunch and finish at 12.30 and from Monday 16th September children will
start full time, 8.30 - 3. We feel that this gives the children time to adjust to new routine, building and
stimuli of our school and enables us to really get to know them.