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KMPS Parents/Carers

Pastoral Care & Support


At KMPS we strongly believe in caring for all our children and families. At different stages in our lives, we might well experience some difficult times and as part of the support we can provide at school, we work with children and their families.

This support can include liaising with staff, parents, children and outside agencies to ensure that the well being of individual pupils is fully prioritised. For the child, we are someone supportive to talk to, share successes/strategies with or to provide help with difficulties or worries.

Our team is here to help pupils make the most of school life by breaking down barriers to learning and helping to make school a happy and successful place for them.

The first point of call is always the class teacher as this relationship is imperative because they are the daily contact and know your child best. In each class there are worry boxes in which the children are encouraged to share any worries so their class team are able to address and support them.

However in addition to this we have a Pastoral Team:

Sharon Jackson
Assistant Headteacher
Pastoral and wellbeing

Suzanne Carvell
Pastoral and Behaviour Mentor

We can provide support directly for your child in school or by giving you advice and directing you to helpful services and support. This could include issues such as:


Bereavement               Loss and separation               Health relationships                     Check ins     Anxiety and emotional well-being            Attendance           Friendships            Low self esteem      Family illness           Domestic abuse             Home life           Financial support              Behaviour


As a pastoral team with identified children we can support parents, give advice to teachers as well as giving the opportunity to spend designated periods with a trusted adult on a 1:1 basis or within a small group to share information confidentially or talk through issues that concerns them.

The benefits of pastoral support helps give the children the emotional literacy to underpin their academic learning and positive well being to help them thrive in all areas of school and life.

Please click on the boxes below to access support to helpful agencies and websites that cover many different areas.

Please get in touch with your class teacher/team if you feel your child or family needs some additional support/guidance to the information above or if you feel that your need is not listed.