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KMPS Parents/Carers

Attendance & Punctuality

Action for children

It can be worrying if your child is refusing to go to school. In this guide, you'll find information on possible reasons for school refusal and anxiety and how you can get your child the support they need. There is information on why your child is refusing to go to school, how you can help your child get back to school and where you can get help from. 

Young Minds 

If your child is anxious about school, or they are unable to go to school. This site has advice on supporting your child and working with the school and other services. This guide contains information about why your child might feel anxious, strategies you can try at home as well as other information and advice. 

Family Lives

When a child struggles to go to school it can feel really upsetting for everyone involved, including the child themselves, their parents/carers. From concerns about your child's wellbeing, to pressures from the school to maintain attendance, it's understandable why this can become a stressful time for families. The site contains information about why your child might be struggling to go to school, bullying and friendship issues, special educational needs as well as how you can help your child. 

Leicestershire County Council

This site gives some top tips for maintaining good school attendance. 


When children attend school consistently they are more likely to do well in their work but also build strong relationships and feel connected with the school community. This site gives  information about school attendance. 

BBC bitesize- wellbeing 

This link gives information about how parents can help their child get through tough times. This link focusses on school refusal, school anxiety and how you can help your child. 

The Attendance Hub (

As a parent, it can be difficult to know when to send your child into school if they are feeling unwell or are mildly anxious but finding solutions is a team effort between schools, parents and children. This link gives information on how to support on these issues. There is a link to the NHS guidance which helps parents/carers to decide whether their child is well enough to attend school. This includes a range of child hood illnesses and conditions.